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Community Color Blogroll

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I believe that blogging can have an positive impact on the local community. Blogs expose the different interests and opinions of people in an area.

The unfortunate tendency of bloggers is to link to ideological kin. This fractures the community. The people with the most provocative and partisan blogs in an area often get the most in bound links.

I decided the better approach in creating a blog roll is to break it up by physical location. Below is a list of blogs in the Community Color system of directories organized by State and town.

Going Microstock

In late 2008, I discovered the joys of MicroStock. Microstock refers to photos and images that you buy for use in web design. You can buy the right to include microstock images on your site for about a dollar a piece. It is a fun an easy way to add quality images to your post.

When using Microstock, you need to credit the image's creator; So, I created a little tool for doing just that. When you include a Microstock image on your site, you can add a link in the microstock recorder. This gives you an inbound link to your blog and credits the artist.

Blogs by Community

Arizona State, Az

  • Blogs (blogs: 2, hits: 4105)

Maricopa County, Az

Tucson County, Az

  • blogs (blogs: 7, hits: 3290)

Prescott County, Az

  • Blogs (blogs: 3, hits: 2334)

Boulder County, Co

  • blogs (blogs: 28, hits: 6908)

El Paso County, Co

  • Blogs (blogs: 16, hits: 5882)

The Denver Metro, Co

Durango, Colorado, Co

  • blogs (blogs: 11, hits: 12330)

The World, GL

Global, GL

Moab, Utah, Ut

  • blogs (blogs: 6, hits: 9736)

Weber County, Ut

  • blogs (blogs: 14, hits: 5240)

Utah County, Ut

The Salt Lake Valley, Ut

The Tooele Valley, Ut

  • blogs (blogs: 5, hits: 7946)

Utah Color, Ut

  • Blogs (blogs: 6, hits: 5342)

The Uintah Basin, Ut

  • Blogs (blogs: 1, hits: 11626)

Laramie County, Wy

  • blogs (blogs: 2, hits: 5413)

Community Color lists 548 blogs. The directory has had 275,229 hits in blog categories. That is 502.2 hits per listing. I also believe in promoting local arts.

You can request a link on the add link page. To add a link you must register. This reduces spam. To be listed on a site directory, you need to part of that site. I will list other sites on Site.

It's All About Me!

Being an Internet enthusiast, I maintain a variety of blogs and tumblr accounts: Community Color is a blog with announcements about the Community Color Web site, and is a mindfart style blog with political rants and links to whatever I am doing on the web. The tumblr blogs Arizona Color, Colorado Color, Moab Color, Montana Color, Utah Color and Wyoming Color reblog images from the Mountain West. I also have a twitter page.

Okay, so, maybe it is not all about me. Most of my "blogs" are links to creative works of others.

I also maintain a Site of the Week program for each of the communities. This project is essentially a blog that brings people on a virtual tour of a town in the Mountain West. Each town with reviews will have an RSS feed .