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Walk Score

The best form of alternative transport is walking. I make a point of living close to work and save thousands in transportation expenses.

Walk Score is a site that judges the walkability of a property. Walkability takes into account stores, schools, parks, restaurants and other amenities near a house.

With this site, you simply enter an address and. The web site will present a Google map showing near by businesses and schools. Your walk score sums up the near by attractions.

I am currently at a spot with a walk score of 54. Not surprisingly, big cities score better than small towns or suburbs.

One should check out the walkability of a neighborhood before buying a house. It is also fun to check out the walkability of a hotel before taking a vacation, as you can see more if you walk about.

Of course, the best way to judge the walkability of a neighborhood is to get out and walk around. You may be surprised at what you find.

Businessman in the Rain © aideenm
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