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My Health Software

My Health Software is a site from Australia that helps people track health care metrics such as blood pressure, cholestoral, glucose, blood oxygen, peak flow, etc..

Sadly, this type of site is on the fringe of current health care paradigm. The current health care structure is dominated by a health care technocracy which sees health data as the exclusive domain of the establishment.

The left/right debate has the left saying that health data should be the exclusive domaain of the government. The right says it should be the exclusive domain of mega corporations.

I believe that your health care information should belong to you. A primary dictum of Socrates was "Know Thyself." A truly free market health care system would be creating programs that help people know themselves.

Systems designed to help us track our health cna, with people using the medical system to help interpret the data to make wise health and life style decisions would do more to improve our health than an army of a million health bureaucrats.

Unfortunately, the activities that could truly help people improve their lives must languish on the fringe as the culture warriors battle for political control over matters that really should be left as personal decisions between patient and doctor.

Living on the Edge by Andres
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