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Cato Institute, The

The first in what I hope will be a long list of Community Color Site of the Week Reviews is a Washington think tank called The Cato Institute. This institute was named for an influential series of articles by John Trenchard and Thomas Gordon called The Cato Letters that appeared in the early 1700s. These letters critized the British Crown's involvement in an economic crisis known as the South Seas Bubble.

The letters are considered to be fundamental in the build up to the American Revolution.

The name Cato alludes to an ancient Roman Senator named Cato who defended the ideals of the Roman Republic against Julius Caesar.

The Cato Insitute attempts to define a classical liberal approach to economics which encourages the free market and a respect for civil discourse. The institute publishes the scholarly Cato Journal, which is a leading source of ideas about banking and financing.

On the web front, they publish the Cato at Liberty Blog and the Cato Daily Podcast. iTunes users can subscribe to the podcast with the button below:

The Cato Institute - Cato Daily Podcast - Cato Daily Podcast
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