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Welcome SteemIt World

Hello Steemians. I am interested in learning more about the cryptocurrency world.

To start my journey I opened a Steemit account. I am hoping to sell advertising space for STEEM. I just started a new project called "Vagabond Spirits" in which vagabond spirits walk around the world and engage in commerce through a simple open ledger. I also have hundreds of thousands of ad views on general directories.

The price of STEEM fluctuates. I am happy to accept SBD as dollars and STEEM at the SBD conversion rate. The current price is $0.20 for 1000 ads. If you gave me 2 SBD, I would display 10,000 ads.

The ad is a 728x90 responsive ad (it shrinks to fit small screens). The ad goes in the upper fold of the page. There is a sample ad at the top of this page. The ad can be two lines of text or a 728x90 image.

To start, select the ad type and press the "Design Ad" button. Enter your SteemIt handle for your email address. You can comment about the ad on on any post If I accept the ad, I will email the approval with payment information.

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