🠈  Reviving the Community Color Project  🠊

Reviving Community Color

The Community Color project has been in a state of collapse for the last few years. An evil company called "Google" declared that local directories were "link farms." Google demanded that webmasters pull their links and disavow local directories.

To make matters worse. The companies that I was doing business with were systematically failing. I fund the site through affiliate ads. 80% of the companies that I've worked with have collapsed.

Being an obstinate sort, I decided to take a stab at reviving the site. I started by moving the site to a new web host. I rewrote the source code for the directories from scratch to optimize the site.

I've decided to add more internal pages and reviews. I have also been removing broken links. As of 11/11/2017: The site has 31000 active links. Through the years, I've deleted 16,409 links.

There has been 47,000 links in this manually edited directory. I emphasize the term "manually edited." I've visited each of the sites in the directory multiple times trying to make sure that they are relevant to the directory.

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