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CommunityColor sites switched to a SEO friendly file name structure. I created this master index to help me keep the file names straight and consistent. This page lists files pages with the file name "home". The Event column shows the number of upcoming events associated with a category.>

IDCommunity NameCategoryLinksDeletedEventsHits
3798Arizona ColorHome and Garden44020911644view
3709Coconino CountyHome and Garden700887887view
412Phoenix ColorHome & Garden368032972110view
3803Pima CountyHome and Garden254027451649view
4020Yavapai CountyHome and Garden500869869view
4327Yuma CountyHome and Garden110010071007view
373Boulder ColorHome136048662310view
4132Colorado ColorHome & Garden611034252114view
1694Colorado Springs ColorHome Stores185053332271view
1527Denver ColorHome32200119023962view
4165Durango ColoradoHome and Garden194062343660view
2446Fort Collins ColorHome & Garden1510047192254view
1574Grand JunctionHome156074042744view
3669Pueblo ColorHome90050083878view
1604Internet RiversHome & Garden1243096502939view
2164Missoula WebsitesHome235077592957view
1995Cedar CityHome1020115834991view
4381Davis CountyHome and Garden1400684684view
435Logan UtahHome and Garden73069822764view
1577Ogden, UtahHome & Garden1411092433130view
1999Park City, UtahHome & Garden19140124625756view
1639Provo UtahHome1912076322368view
209Saint GeorgeHome / Furniture314063273261view
651Salt Lake SitesHome54320188983958view
388Utah ColorHome and Garden311036012102view
3572Cheyenne, Wyoming. USHome and Garden173051743462view
4262Laramie, WyomingHome & Garden71062833911view