🠈  Ownership is Important  🠊

Ownership is Important

I started the Community Color project to explore the way that local communities are reflected on the Internet.

I discovered, to my dismay, that Internet tends to divert people's attention away their local communities. To counter this, I developed the mission statement: "The goal of Community Color is to promote local web development and community awareness."

People have not responded well to this message that they see as too preachy; So, I decided to concentrate on the more abstract idea of "ownership."

Rather than preaching about community, I decided to concentrate on examining ownership. I want to explore in detail who owns what in our our community.

What I am doing is examining the various brand names and stores that I come across to see who owns these brands and how well the brands interface in our society.

The Community Color project has web sites for communities in the Mountain West. When a store is founded or is owned in one of theses communities, I will put the primary article for the store on that community's site. EG: The restaurant chain Cafe Rio was founded in Saint George; So, I put the Cafe Rio page in Saint George.

I will put articles for stores founded outside the region on the site Internet Rivers.

I will use corporate web sites and Wikipedia as primary references. While some stores have decent wiki articles. Wikipedia often lacks important details about acquisition chains.

I will use this domain for articles about ownership. What i am trying to do is to get people to start exploring ownership in detail.

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