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CommunityColor sites switched to a SEO friendly file name structure. I created this master index to help me keep the file names straight and consistent. This page lists files pages with the file name "homepages". The Event column shows the number of upcoming events associated with a category.>

IDCommunity NameCategoryLinksDeletedEventsHits
1942Boulder ColorHome Pages62031861016view
1662Colorado Springs ColorHome Pages3103150825view
1536Denver ColorHome Pages12904514992view
2426Fort Collins ColorHome Pages115034501080view
2368Garfield Colorado LinksHome Pages3202930605view
1261Grand Junctionblogs / Home Pages25130101612147view
81Pueblo ColorBlogs and Homepages41054742236view
572Missoula WebsitesHome Pages3405655928view
2113Cedar CityHome Pages613049281122view
2590Logan UtahHome Pages1614039621190view
1352Ogden, UtahHome Pages212054901211view
1889Park City, UtahHome Pages2819055391720view
1004Provo UtahHome Pages2320079481520view
1276Saint GeorgeBlogs1214067562411view
282Salt Lake SitesHome Pages34670103941344view
1014Cheyenne, Wyoming. USSocial Networking310041301487view