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Community Color is a collection of small regional directories that I've been developing for the last decade. The goal of this program is simply to promote community awareness. It is time consuming and expensive to review web sites; So I charge a listing fee [gasp] to review sites.

Google and Bing are on a rampage against independent web developers who charge for services; So people are scrambling to get their sites removed from independent directories like mine.

To help in this effort, I created this tool to streamline link removal. In the first step, lists the domain name for your site (without the http:// or www.) If your site is "", enter just "". The program will show any active or deleted links. You can also use the contact form.

If I find links to your domain, the second page will list removal options. The options are to "add tracking" or complete removal. The add tracking code will retain the link, but block it from the search engines. I will add tracking without a contact address, but require an email address for complete removal.

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